Latest News From The 4th U.S.

Detling Event Report

Posted by Captain Barwick, 3rd September 2016

Attention Company!

What a great weekend the Forth had! We go to meet our newest recruit Ryan, who turned up Friday complete with kit and he did very well. Saturday’s Battle was good, but was like a rehearsal for the Sunday and Monday battles, which were so much better.

Sunday Chris Lean arrived and our Former Major Russell Francis who joined us in the ranks and he enjoyed himself so much that he has chosen to join us too!

The Wilderness scenario in the woods went very well and we had praise from Lieutenant Bates of the 18th Mo on our hard work and effort in the woods, so well done everyone.

On the Sunday morning we got to say farewell to our fallen comrade, Danny Hamlet, who was saluted by the whole Union army; poor Danny lost his battle with cancer on Aug 19th.

The battles on the Sunday and Monday went very well and again the 4th U.S. had lots of positive comments on our performance; we looked good going down the field as line infantry. Our numbers are growing and it is nice to be respected as a company on the field.

Mike Flynn, one of our old members arrived Monday and joined in and I am pleased to say that he had such a good time he too has chosen to rejoin. Our other new member, James Mott, also arrived Monday but due to child commitment could not join in but well done James on being there; and well done on starting to get your own uniform together.

The only casualty of the weekend was poor Gemma (Max) who on falling down on the field has possibly fractured her hand, get better soon Gemma!

I wood like to thank everyone for their efforts and hard work in making Detling 2016 one of the best events I can remember.

Let the 4th be seen in strength!!!

Passing of Danny Hamlet

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 20th August 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of a comrade, Danny Hamlet. Danny passed away last night (19th August) surrounded by his family after his ongoing battle with Cancer.

Danny had been with the 4th US for two years after joining us from the 18th Missouri, and was very much the ‘loveable rogue’ of the company. Although Danny’s ill health did leave him very weak the company was overjoyed to see him at Bovington, and we have been assured that he felt the same at being there.

Danny will be fondly remembered by all his comrades, and our hearts and condolences to out to Danny’s family at this difficult time.

The Battle of Bovington

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 12th August 2016

Last weekend we returned to Bovington Tank Museum for Warfare Through the Ages… And what a fantastic event! The 4th ran our recruiting stand again and engaged the public; when we were not busy, which were very rare moments indeed!

Both days the men of the battalion got some early morning bayonet drill, which made an exciting change, followed by a grand parade after lunch, and an incredible skirmish each day. Both days a beleaguered Union garrison of a company of 12 men, three artillary-pieces, and a colour party defended a small improvised fort from an overwhelming Confederate attack (and died valiently). We were also happy to meet our new member James Mott on the Sunday.

Our success for recruiting continued for Bovington with a new member, Ryan Smith, who is joining currently; and we are being joined by two experienced soldiers, Kiri Haskett (formally a rebel) and Ollie Marks (formally of the 20th Maine). I hope you will all make our new brethren welcome as you have always done.

Onwards to Detling!

Fortress Wales Event Report

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 6th May 2016

Attention Company!

The 1st and 2nd May saw the regiment at the Fortress Wales event at Caldicot Castle for the first time ever, and what a great event and a great turnout for the 4th US! Though the weekend seemed doomed to failure; first loosing Alan from the 20th Maine to a chest infection (which we hope Alan feels better soon), Chris B having the van break down en route , and as per usual our standard torrential downpour; the event was enjoyed by all.

We had an excellent turnout on Sunday, with Chris B, Keiron, Paul (still on sick call), Max, Martin, and myself all present; and joined by Ollie, Gerry, and Ralph (20th Maine), Frank and James (19th Indianna), and Bob and Nigel (US Marines), forming Bastard Company!

We had an excellent battle, with genuine confusion and disarray! But before that Captain Valentine announced that with twelve men present for duty, that Sergeant Barwick was to be brevetted the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, Huzzah!

The evening saw us have a hearty spag bol (with chunks of Buffalo!), tat raffle, and the usual rowdiness of song time.

Monday sadly numbers dropped off, with only six men present on the battlefield we banded together to bolster the 18th Missouri’s numbers and brushed up on skirmish drill before the battle. Thank you all for your help and dedication, you are the people that make these events worthwhile!

Onwards to Richmond!

Belhus Woods Event Report

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 2nd April 2016

Attention Company!

The 2016 season has started, and it was a memorable start. Belhus Woods Country Park has always been known in Soskan for it’s sporadic weather; and this year it was no exception. On the Saturday afternoon Chris B, Paul, and Gemma arrived and set up for a night powder guard (which the committee has thanked us for), and Chris L arrived during the night.

Paul had an eventful afternoon, first getting his car bogged down and the tripping over guide rope and cracking some ribs. Get well soon Paul! Sunday morning was far more productive and between storms and hail the Society managed to have a full day’s activities, and a good skirmish.

However the full fury of Storm Katie hit during Sunday night, and the 70mph winds decimated the camp. Chris B’s tent was wrecked, splitting guide ropes, and tearing the HQ tent’s awning. With the ground waterlogged and the camp in ruins, sadly the Monday events were cancelled.

However, onward to Caldicott! We are planning for another big push on recruiting (similar to Bovington last year), so if everyone can make a big effort, it would be appreciated.

Onwards to Battle!