Latest News From The 4th U.S.

Kelham Hall

Posted by Captain Barwick, 28th September 2017

What a fantastic weekend we all had at Kelham Hall, the weather was good, and the event was great.

Saturday saw Sergeant Lean arrive and our old firend Gareth Harding guesting with us as 1st Sergeant for the weekend. Saturday’s battle was different than anything we had all done before with the battle opening with the combined Union battalions fighting our way through the Cornfield, and we emerged with the 42nd on our left and the 18th on our right, it looked great with showers of dirt pelting the company behind the fence.

The evening saw most of us in the beer tent, it was a bit dark and a hillbilly band playing music (nothing like our Bath Bash beer tents of the past).

On Sunday the sun came out, the 4th got presented the Company of the year shield after dress parade and then all Soskan’s Union headed over to the cornfield for a photoshoot

The afternoon battle in 3 parts saw the Green flags of the Irish emerge from the cornfield, and on the final assault the Rebs were wiped out.

Colonel Tim Davis was so pleased with the weekend and its great success, and we all hope that Soskan and the ACWS can get together again only if it’s once a year.

Well done everyone! It’s all your efforts that make the 4th what it is!

Detling Military Odyssey

Posted by Captain Barwick, 5th September 2017

The 4th had a great time at Detling this year; the weather was great and the scenario in the woods went well all three days. It was into the Wilderness again, and Nutty and our Russell did a great job with the field hospital; with our Max getting wounded and being discovered Max was actually Gemma (Oh, we can still here those screams!!!).

The Battle on Saturday fell into chaos with the Confederate army in disarray, Sundays battle went to plan, and on the Monday it was decided to let the Rebs win as it was the Confederate Commander’s last battle before he stepped down, well done Keith Haskett.

The Evenings saw the beer hanger with its usual mix of costumes and characters, and on the Saturday evening all the ladies dressed in 19th century bathing costumes with inflatable ***** which went down well.

On the Sunday after the battle Soskan had their medal ceremony, and to our delight and complete surprise the 4th won Company of the Year, which saw a great cheer followed by all members; and chanting of “We are the 4th!”

Well done everyone for all your efforts at Detling, and my thanks to the 42nd for joining the 4th on the hot march around the site on the Monday with our new flag, and music by Paul & Callum. We looked good and sounded great.

Onwards to Kelham!

Maldon HMVA

Posted by Captain Barwick, 20th August 2017

Our event at Maldon was a radical departure for the 4th US, being our first solo reenactment away from Soskan, it was our first time at this event and it was the organisers first time at this location.

I was unable to get to Maldon until Saturday afternoon due to work commitments and sadly Chris Lean was unexpectedly called into work as well.

Ollie, Ryan, Mike, Max (Gemma), Riley, Paul, Mark, and Robert of the 18th Missouri were there on the Saturday; and big thanks to Ollie who was able to arrange a skirmish display with Spearfish Creek.

Sunday saw the 4th US with increased numbers, adding myself and Kieran to Company K’s strength. We marched around the site in the morning, followed by two scenarios with Spearfish Creek, and a drill display in the arena.

The recruitment stand looked excellent, especially with Paul Mitchell’s new photoboard, and Rae set up her post office, giving us a really effective display. I know you all had fun doing the German WW2 prison camp escape and the weather was a bonus.

The organisers were very pleased with our efforts and displays, and has invited the 4th back next year, so well done.

Carnival Time!

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 1st August 2017

What a fantastic event we had at the Basildon Carnival this year, a far cry from the 2016 event! We had a brilliant turnout for our first recruiting event for the year with Lieutenant Barwick, Rae, Kieron, Mike, Ryan, Gemma, Paul, and Myself turning out to represent the 4th. Big thanks also go out to our supporters, Josh Braybrooke of the 1st Arkansas for turning out in blue (and what a marvellous federal he made); and to Tammy, Toby, and Imogen for flyering and shaking buckets for the company.

The parade was memorable at best, and despite the 2 miles we marched, it was probably closer to double that in steps including all of the stops whilst we marked time. Thanks to all the company for the maximum effort that went into the parade dress that was laid on; you really looked the part of a recruiting party.

The day was a real success, and the 4th was rewarded with the prestigious “Best Overall Entry” for the parade.

May the 4th be with you!

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 3rd June 2017

Attention Company!

May has been a funny old month, and I apologise for the delay in getting getting things done.

The month started very well, with a return to one of our favorate venues, Belhus Woods! The company had a good turnout; with Gemma, Paul, and Ryan representing the company on the Saturday (with a stange figure in a high vis appearing in the afternoon). The company was out in good numbers Sunday with Chris, Rae, Keiron, Martin, Mike, and Kiri bolstering the numbers (sadly, I had to miss most of the day as I had had a call-out in the middle of the night); and Gemma did an excellent job at covering First Sargeant.

There was also great feedback from members of the society of the Townsball match, and hopefully we can arrange this some more for the future, good idea Ryan!

May also saw a major milestone for our social media efforts, as our Youtube channel finally hit 15, 000 views! With some more plans to boost our views, this figure will hopefully go up rapidly in the near future!

Membership has continued excellently this month with two confirmed new members joining the 4th US. Please welcome Stephen Seymore and Callum Fox into our numbers in your usual cheerful and friendly way.

Sadly Watford was abit of a wash out for the regiment due to unexpected comittments and sickness (myself included), however Gemma and Paul have told me they had a great time.

Thank you all for your continuing efforts, and I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.

4th US Storm Stratford Armouries

Posted by Captain Barwick, 18th April 2017

Attention Company!

Thank you to everyone who turned up at Stratford; we had a good turnout, and for the first time ever we outnumbered the 18th Missouri! It was a good little event, and I’m proud of you all.

Monday’s skirmish was much better than Sundays thanks to some practice, and the Confederacy seam to be going down this Western Civilian bushwhacker scenario, which at some events works well.

A big thanks to Ryan for the evening meal on Sunday evening, to Martin for making ID tags for everyone, and Chris Lean who managed to squeeze Gemma and Paul and all their kit into Tammy’s car.

We were also pleased to meet Callum Fox of the ACWS who guested with us on the Sunday, and may becoming a member of the 4th. I was a please to have you along Callam!

Look forward to seeing you all at Belhus Woods our next event

Let the 4th be seen in Strength!

Garrison Duty At Newhaven Fort

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 8th April 2017

Attention Company!

What a pleasure it was to see you all again after only a mere week. Thank you to all those who could attend both events on consecutive weekends.

I look forward to seeing you all again at Stratford Armouries, and in even greater numbers!

Let the 4th be seen in Strength!

4th Muster In At Fort Amherst

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 21st March 2017

Attention Company!

What a fantastic weekend we had! Even the weather was kind to us, and I feel the weekend went very well and we all worked really hard.

I would like to thank all the 4th members who turned up, Robert of the 18th, Beau & Simon of the 42nd, and also to Grant Valentine for giving up their weekend to help our training; and to our First Sergeant, Chris Lean, for setting up this training weekend (and more to come).

Also what a honour for the unit to be surprised with a National Colour to fly alongside our Regimental Colour. It was a complete surprise and a well kept secret by Chris Lean and Rae. My many thanks to Chris Lean for organizing the flag, and to Daz Paul of the A.C.W.S for making it.

Let the 4th be seen in Strength!

Get Ready For 2017!

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 15th January 2017

Attention Company!

Happy 2017 to you all! I trust you’ve all had a merry festive period, and are looking forward to the prospect of another year’s reenacting. Did you all make your reenacting resolutions?

Remember any small changes you can make can affect the regiment in a big way!

It’s been great hearing from all of the members of Company K over the past week or so and hearing how you’re all developing over the winter, and how much this will improve our impression and how the regiment runs! Well done to Ryan for making his shotgun application (which will hopefully be completed before the start of the season), to Mike Flynn for finding all of his old uniform, and to Gemma for buying her frock coat!

As for me, I have been busying myself with preparing for Fort Amherst, which Paul and I made a site visit to during the week. We’ll send you an update in the coming week about our accommodation, and a possible rough itinerary.

I’m also really pleased to say that things have not slowed down on the recruitment front, and although I’m not at liberty to state any names yet; take my assurance that we’ve had at least four potential recruits contact us. Some experienced reenactors, and some new to the hobby. I hope to be able to announce them to you very soon!

In the meantime, keep prepping for the season, and I’ll see you all at Fort Amherst!

End of Season Report

Posted by Captain Barwick, 3rd December 2016

Attention Company!

What a great, fun and fantastic year 2016 has been for the 4th. Thanks to our website, social media, displays, and recruitment booth we have seen a steady growth in both our military and civilian numbers. Well done to everyone for all your help and assistance in recruitment throughout 2016.

My thanks once again to everyone in the regiment for all your hard work and effort throughout the year and making the 4th US one of the best!