Latest News From The 4th U.S.

2020 update

Posted by Captain Barwick, 27th March 2020

Due to the present country’s Coronavirus problem Events for the 4th U.S. Infantry up to the end of may have been cancelled.

We would like to confirm that to date the following events are so far either postponed or cancelled, pending further update from their respective organisers: 

Newhaven Fort – 28th/29th March    

 Elveden, Suffolk – 11th – 13th April 

Pippingford Park – 8th – 10th May     

I will update as soon as I know more   Capt Chris Barwick

Weald Park Sept 28th & 29th

Posted by Captain Barwick, 1st October 2019

Weald Park Sept 28th & 29th was the 4ths with Soskans last camping event of this 2019 season. We were unable to fire guns and the turnout was small. Being a Country Fair saw a stream of public coming though the small civil war camp, Edward, Darren, Chris Lean and I were the only 4th members there with the two days taken up with drill and talking to the public. The weather was hit and miss with the rain prediction for Sunday not arriving to the late afternoon just as we were breaking the camp down. Rae & Kieran were both ill and with a small collection of members from the other two regiments It was a small cosy event, my thanks to the 3 members who made it making it an enjoyable weekend.

Having a Blast at Detling!

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 31st August 2019

As always Detling Military Odyssey proved to be the highlight of the re-enactment season with the 4th US providing a core company to the Union Battalion. Saturday saw the newly promoted Captain Barwick, Rae, Kieran, Gemma, Ollie, Mike, Ryan, Kiri, Edward, myself, and our new recruit Darren take to the field in the sweltering heat. On the battlefield the company pulled a “Number Nine” and the whole company was decimated by canister file from the Confederate Artillery.

Russell visited during the evening (being with Volkssturm) and the company enjoyed the beer tent. Sunday saw Martin and Mia join us and spend quite a while playing Townsball.

One highlight of the weekend was meeting President Lincoln…

Brookwood Cemetery May 26th

Posted by Captain Barwick, 28th May 2019

This private event is an honour for the 4th, with Rae, Kieran, Mike, Edward, Ryan and I we did look smart also having our units National Flag we attracted the cameras. The 4th we positioned by the U.S. Navy Brass Band which was up by the front of the creamery.

I was able to lay a wreath on behave of the 4th and Soskan. The creamery lasted about a hour, afterwards at the refreshments tent we all had a chat with American Officers and the public. Mathew O’Neil of the Sons Of Union Veterans of the Civil War introduced himself, we chatted and talked about possible events the 4th may participate in the future with them. The weather held off and we rounded of the day with a meal at one of the local pubs.

I would like to thank all the members who made the effort to represent the 4th at this event, well done.

Weald Park May 5th & 6th

Posted by Captain Barwick, 7th May 2019

Weald Park was our second event, the sun shone but it was still cold at night. With the first day seeing the arena battle reduced down to one cannon and with musket noise causing problems for the livestock / pets, so that Saturday evening the organizers ask Soskan to miss out Sundays battle, so it was just living history with drill for the society run by the units N.C.O’s taking it in turn and In the afternoon a march around the site led by our Major Jackson.

Cressing Temple April 13th & 14th

Posted by Captain Barwick, 15th April 2019

Our first event of 2019 was Cressing Temple with the weather being odd, frost in the morning, hell stones in the day and so cold at night.

This was a small multi-period event with no battles just infantry fire power displays. It was decided to break the command into two days with myself leading the Union on the Sunday delivering a fire power display for the public .

The 4th had two new members join the unit at this event, Edward Fleming and Dave Seago, welcome aboard chaps. 

20 Years of Reenacting the Regulars!

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 2nd January 2019

Happy New Year to you all!

2019 is a momentous year for the 4th U.S. Infantry, marking the 20th anniversary of the formation of Company K with Soskan back in 1999.

Whilst the 4th us one of the newest regiments in Soskan’s 51 year history, the regiment is proving itself to be a driving force in the association in recent years; and has never been stronger!

For many years the regiment was ridiculed as the “4of US”, and was often dragged into the ranks of larger regiments to bolster numbers. Now, however, the 4th is acknowledged as one of the larger regiments of the association; and on several occasions in recent years has provided the largest regiment on the battlefield. Long may this continue!

This celebration is for everyone in the regiment, but it could not happened without the leadership of Lieutenant Chris Barwick and Rae Barwick for holding the regiment together since it’s inception. Had it not have been for the commitment of Chris and Rae, the 4th U.S. Inf would have collapsed years ago and would not be celebrating this year!

So to all of you I would like to ask you to you to think, “What can I do to make this the greatest year for the 4th?”

Perhaps you could invite a friend to guest, make it to an additional event, get some new gear to improve your impression. Everything we do adds to our impression, so think about what small thing you could do to make this the best year ever!

Thank you all, I look forward to seeing you all soon, and as per our old motto- Let the 4th be seen in strength!


Posted by Captain Barwick, 24th November 2018

Well 2018 has come to an end, I feel the year’s events have missed some members due to personal problems, work, and other commitments but on the whole an enjoyable season.

Some events were cancelled due to the weather or political problems with the organisers.

I believe the highlight of the year was the honour of an invite to the Brookwood American Cemetrary in May. This was organised by our own Ryan and the 4th did us proud.

Wing and Wheels, a private invite, was low key so let’s hope next year it will be more full-on. A few of us went to Spechley Park and participated in a small Mexican battle with the Freemasons presenting all participants with a medal with the SoSkAn logo on to celebrate 50 years of re-enacting as SoSkAn is the oldest group in the U.K.

We have four new members this year; Gareth, Paul C, Matt G, and Matt Ring so next season let’s try and get a better turnout at the events. The unit is growing and we are being noticed so let’s look forward to 2019 and a great year for the 4th.


Have a merry Xmas 2018
A great re-enacting New Year 2019

Newhaven Fort

Posted by Captain Barwick, 15th October 2018

Great weekend, the 4th were camped in the large hanger building with our guest Paul Connell who joined the 4th as a new member.

Saturday saw Dave Durdan of the Bucktails as our 1st Sergeant for the weekend (many thanks Dave!).

That evening saw 12 of us going for a meal down at the Hope Inn. When arriving back at the fort Gemma got disco party off to a great evening. Our highlight was some of the 4th members doing a Freddie Mercury impression to I Want To Break Free with a broom across the hanger floor.

Saturday and Sunday saw drill, firing displays with a scenario of the Union firing over the walls at invisible Rebs.

The 4th did some photo shoots to be used on SoSkAn’s next visit to the fort followed with more photos being taken deep down within the fort.

Well done to all who attended.

Farewell To 2017

Posted by Captain Barwick, 14th December 2017

What a fantastic year the 4th have had, started with the 4th doing our own training event organized, which was a great success and was well attended by 4th members and also the Union Commander; with members of the Bucktails and the 18th Missouri. At Amherst the company also had the honour of being presented with their new National Colours, made by Daz Paul of the ACWS. This was organised by 1st Sergeant Lean and named our new flag ‘Rae’ after our own Mrs B.

My thanks to Chris Lean who not only does a brilliant job as 1st sergeant; but also for all his excellent work on the 4th website, and for all his help with recruitment throughout the year. His commitment to both the regiment, its members, and also to SoSkAn is outstanding!

Also big thanks to Paul Mitchell who has taken some great photos at events, which he kindly posts onto both the 4th website and shares with the 4th and SoSkAn on Facebook. Paul has done a brilliant video compilation of his photos which is proving to be great promotional aid by both SoSkAn and the 4th to advertise our wonderful hobby.

The 4th have attended some great events this past season namely- Fort Amherst; Statford Armouries; Belhus Woods; Quex Park; the Alamo at Western Park; Basildon Carnival; Maldon; Detling; and the Battle of Antietam at Kelham Hall.

The civilians of the unit have also worked hard this season; from staffing the Post Office to Recruitmenting, helping with medical displays to sewing and keeping fires going, they have kept us all watered and well fed this season. Big Thank Yous go to Thalia, Summer, and Rae. The whole regiment truly appreciates all your help and efforts in camp and at events this year.