Latest News From The 4th U.S.

Back in Action!

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 23rd August 2020

After a short period of being under the weather (perhaps it was Coronavirus) the 4th US website is feeling much better!

All functionality of the website should now be restored and upgraded, featuring a new gallery which can bee seen on all devices (unlike to old Flickr galleries).

Improvements will still continue, so make sure to keep on checking the website for new content!

Where the Buffalo Roam…

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 10th August 2020

On the 8th-9th August the 4th US staged a training weekend and social event at Bush Farm Bison Centre. This, for many, was the first time that we had seen each over in nearly (if not over) a year; and in the case of our new member Anthony, was the first time at an event.

The event was a very informal and mellow occasion, featuring lot of drill to brush away the cobwebs, practice and have seminars about authentic subjects such as campaigning, knapsack packing, and period gambling (Chuck-a-luck).

Many thanks to everyone who could attend- Chris B, Rae, Kieron, Chris, Tammy, the little Leanlets (Toby, Imogen, Lizzie), Gemma, Paul, Ryan, Lauren, Gareth, Edward, Darren and Anthony.

Big thanks go to ‘Friend of the Fourth’ Gareth Harding for a thorough talk dispelling the myths about campaign impression and well done to Anthony on his first event, and to Toby who jointed the company in the ranks for drill for the first time!

I’m sure will all see each other again soon.

Work In Progress

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 27th May 2020

Hello everyone, as some of you will have noticed the 4th US Infanty Coy. K’s website has been out of action for a few weeks. This is due to some unforseen issues with our web host, which have now thankfully been fixed.

Sadly, however, the website has had to be reset to any earlier version and many of the news articles, new pages and new features are not functioning as well as we would like them to be.

We are working to amend this and hope to have the website back, and better than ever in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience!

Weald Country Park

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 1st October 2019

What an excellent weekend it was, despite some bad patches of rain the new recruits of the 4th US did an excellent job of refining their drill under the gaze of Capt. Barwick and myself.

New Members, Edward Fleming and Darren Rawlings, have done a stupendous job of getting their gear in order and now after an intense weekend of drilling are as tidy as any Sergeant could hope from the Regulars!

Everyone had better brush up on their Casey’s Stack Arms, because these lads are the top of the class.

See you on the battlefield!

Having a Blast at Detling!

Posted by First Sergeant Lean, 31st August 2019

As always Detling Military Odyssey proved to be the highlight of the re-enactment season with the 4th US providing a core company to the Union Battalion. Saturday saw our newly promoted Captain Chris Barwick, Rae, Kieron, Gemma, Mike, Ryan, Kiri, Edward, our new recruit Darren and myself take to the field in the sweltering heat. On the battlefield the company “pulled a number nine” resulting in the entire company being wiped out by canister fire from the Confederate artillary.

Russell visited the company during the evening (having attended with the Volkessturm) and together we enjoyed the hospitality of the beer tent.

Sunday saw Martin and Mia join the event, and spent most of the day playing Townsball; whilst in the battle the company was once again decimated.

One highlight of the weekend saw a visit from President Lincoln, and the 4th US provided the Presidential escort through the Wilderness…

Echoes of History

Posted by Captain Barwick, 14th August 2019

Well the 4th had a brilliant weekend spent at the Echoes of History Multi Period Event and although the wind on Saturday which made camping a challenging experience. It felt like trying to sail round Cape Horn in a dingy!

Thankfully all our tents survived and there was still a great number of public attending the event on Saturday despite the bad weather and strong winds. Saturday night in the beer tent was great fun with music from the 40’s, 50’s and later being played so many got up to dance both swing, jive and rock n roll etc. And what a difference a day makes as Sunday was swathed in brilliant sunshine all day and the amount of visitors that came to see all the displays and groups at this event was truly amazing.

The 4th display was kept extremely busy throughout the day from 10am to 4:30pm we had a constant stream of people wanting to talk to us about ACW, taking photo’s and the amount of interest shown in both our display, the 4th regiment, ACW and in the Southern Skirmish Society (SoSkAn) was absolutely brilliant. So lots of information leaflets/ cards for both the 4th regiment and SoSkAn were handed out.

So all in all by doing some of these smaller living history and recruitment displays such as this that both the 4th and other regiments may do, proves that you can help promote and advertise both the event your taking part in, and that you can both promote and advertise our own group/society events.

And although some may feel these events aren’t worth doing and many members can’t make all smaller events, either because of work or other commitments. However, it’s still better to have a small number of people rather than none at all, at these types of promotional events. Also the organisers have said/indicated that they are hoping to increase the size of the event and the number of groups attending next year.

Brilliant job and well done to the 4th U.S.

Cressing Temple

Posted by Captain Barwick, 15th April 2019

Having just warmed up from Cressing Temple, I can honestly say what a cold, but excellent weekend!

After the driving rains on the Saturday morning the sun came out and with it our 1st Sargeant Chris Lean appeared. The company had a good turnout, with Chris, Gemma, Matt Ring, Mike, Kiri, Russell, and our new recruits Edward and Dave Seago filling our ranks as we made a scratch company with the 18th Mo.

On the Sunday morning there was a touching service to the veterens of WWI which the company attended and on the Sunday the company put on a drill/firing display for the public.

And of course our own “Bayonet Queen” Gemma put the company through its paces…

Happy 20th Birthday!

Posted by Captain Barwick, 20th February 2019

What an amazing 20 years it has been, from a small group where it was myself, Rae, and Keiron for so many years to the point now where the 4th US is one of the major players in the Soskan Federal Battalion!

Well done and thank you all!

Here is to another 20 years!

Fun and Frolicks at Newhaven

Posted by Captain Barwick, 15th October 2018

The end of season event for 2018 saw a good turnout for the company, with myself, Kieron, Gemma, Mike, Oli, Mark, Paul and Rae. The 4th US put on a disco in the Nissen hut for all of Soskan, where we all had a lot of fun.

On a somber note, this event marked the last event for Oli Marks, who has been a member for several years since joining the 4th US from the 20th Maine. Oli is pursuing his career in the army and will be attending Sandhurst to become an officer. We wish him all the luck in his future endeavors and have no doubt we will see him again!

Farewell To 2017

Posted by Captain Barwick, 14th December 2017

What a fantastic year the 4th have had, started with the 4th doing our own training event organized, which was a great success and was well attended by 4th members and also the Union Commander; with members of the Bucktails and the 18th Missouri. At Amherst the company also had the honour of being presented with their new National Colours, made by Daz Paul of the ACWS. This was organised by 1st Sergeant Lean and named our new flag ‘Rae’ after our own Mrs B.

My thanks to Chris Lean who not only does a brilliant job as 1st sergeant; but also for all his excellent work on the 4th website, and for all his help with recruitment throughout the year. His commitment to both the regiment, its members, and also to SoSkAn is outstanding!

Also big thanks to Paul Mitchell who has taken some great photos at events, which he kindly posts onto both the 4th website and shares with the 4th and SoSkAn on Facebook. Paul has done a brilliant video compilation of his photos which is proving to be great promotional aid by both SoSkAn and the 4th to advertise our wonderful hobby.

The 4th have attended some great events this past season namely- Fort Amherst; Statford Armouries; Belhus Woods; Quex Park; the Alamo at Western Park; Basildon Carnival; Maldon; Detling; and the Battle of Antietam at Kelham Hall.

The civilians of the unit have also worked hard this season; from staffing the Post Office to Recruitmenting, helping with medical displays to sewing and keeping fires going, they have kept us all watered and well fed this season. Big Thank Yous go to Thalia, Summer, and Rae. The whole regiment truly appreciates all your help and efforts in camp and at events this year.