Members Of The 4th U.S.

This is a list of the current members of the 4th U.S. :

Commissioned Officers

Chris Barwick

Non-Commissioned Officers

First Sergeant
Chris Lean

Gemma (Max) Mitchell

Ryan Smith

Acting Corporal
Mike Flynn

Enlisted men

Kieran Barwick

Edward Fleming

Russell Francis

Riley Hall

James Hardy

Kiri Haskett

Toby Lean

Joe Marks

Darren Rawlings

Matt Ring

Mark Wheatcroft


Rae Barwick

Imogen Lean

Tammy Lean

Paul Mitchell

In Memory

Paul Connell

Paul Connell
Temporary left the ranks

Thalia Griffiths
Temporary Left The Civilian side of the Group

Danny Hamlett
Passed away as a soldier

Ollie Marks
Temporary left the ranks

Mike Openshaw
left the ranks

Stuart Perry
Missing in action

Dave Seago

Dave Seago
Not rejoined yet