Farewell To 2017

Posted by Captain Barwick, 14th December 2017

What a fantastic year the 4th have had, started with the 4th doing our own training event organized, which was a great success and was well attended by 4th members and also the Union Commander; with members of the Bucktails and the 18th Missouri. At Amherst the company also had the honour of being presented with their new National Colours, made by Daz Paul of the ACWS. This was organised by 1st Sergeant Lean and named our new flag ‘Rae’ after our own Mrs B.

My thanks to Chris Lean who not only does a brilliant job as 1st sergeant; but also for all his excellent work on the 4th website, and for all his help with recruitment throughout the year. His commitment to both the regiment, its members, and also to SoSkAn is outstanding!

Also big thanks to Paul Mitchell who has taken some great photos at events, which he kindly posts onto both the 4th website and shares with the 4th and SoSkAn on Facebook. Paul has done a brilliant video compilation of his photos which is proving to be great promotional aid by both SoSkAn and the 4th to advertise our wonderful hobby.

The 4th have attended some great events this past season namely- Fort Amherst; Statford Armouries; Belhus Woods; Quex Park; the Alamo at Western Park; Basildon Carnival; Maldon; Detling; and the Battle of Antietam at Kelham Hall.

The civilians of the unit have also worked hard this season; from staffing the Post Office to Recruitmenting, helping with medical displays to sewing and keeping fires going, they have kept us all watered and well fed this season. Big Thank Yous go to Thalia, Summer, and Rae. The whole regiment truly appreciates all your help and efforts in camp and at events this year.

Also both Rae and Thalia helped out the Confederate artillery by manning the guns at a few events this year as their numbers were low. So well done ladies for stepping in and helping out when needed at various SoSkAn events.

This year has certainly been a year of ‘firsts’ for the 4th, starting with our first independent training weekend, winning 1st prize at Basildon Carnival, our first independent event at Maldon, and then receiving the ‘Company of the Year’ Award by SoSkAn. This just shows that we, as a unit, are doing something right and that it’s everybody’s team effort that has made this possible, and has made this the best year yet for the 4th U.S.

We had two promotions within ranks this year with Ollie Marks being made Corporal at the start of the year and Gemma Mitchell (Max) being made Corporal at the end of the season. Well done and congratulations to Ryan Smith on his appointment as SoSkAn’s Secretary. This is Ryan’s first full season with the 4th and has shown a real commitment and love of everything all Civil War.

Finally, the last fantastic and wonderful celebration to happen this year was the arrival our youngest 4th member Elizabeth Judith Lean in September. Congratulations to Tammy and Chris on the birth of their beautiful daughter.

Our membership continues to grow thanks to both our website and to everyone’s continued recruitment efforts! The regiment gained 9 new members this season and the regiment now stands at a total of 29 members, with 18 members in the ranks and battlefield ready. Let’s hope 2018 is also a great year, and that our unit continue to ‘grow our family’ and develop our impression further.

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Re-enacting New Year.